Cat 1 Safety Competency Solutions

As we move into a more competence based training and assessments era in the rail industry your company needs to be aware of what will be required. 
Competence: is the ability to do a good job. Competence is fully satisfactory performance. The organization defines what is meant by fully satisfactory performance. For example, for most jobs it means being able to perform job tasks independently to the required level of quality, quantity, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, safety or outcomes.
For some positions, the organisation may define fully satisfactory performance at lower or higher levels. For example, it may be acceptable for a new employee undergoing training to perform some tasks at a lower level and guided by a supervisor or trainer. Organisations may designate higher performance standards for certain employees. For example, a team leader may be expected to perform job tasks independently and also trouble shoot unusual situations.
To define competence in your organisation we can:

  • Develop competency maps for jobs in the organization. Competency maps define the required general areas of competence and the specific skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviours of a job.
  • Set the performance standards required by the organisation.

How can we support you, we are respectful of diverse organizational cultures and will produce deliverables in line with your expectations.  We will train your employees to do the training development work in the future and will even leverage your existing training material to protect your previous investments in training programs.

Our Approach
The core pieces of  cat1safety  five-step methodology are our competency-based framework and the six adult learning principles

The Cat 1 Safety Competency approach (pictured above) starts by identifying your company's objectives and the critical skills that you want your employees to develop.  We then create customised training programs that are tailored to suit the needs of your organization.  We will also build on your existing training material to protect your organization's previous investments. To ensure that the training programs are effective and are creating a positive return-on-investment, we conduct training evaluation using the Kirkpatrick Method.  We guarantee that you will see great results from our training approach.
We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and open, respectful communication with clients and project stakeholders.  We often use technology to facilitate our interaction will project stakeholders.
To truly understand your organization’s training needs and budget, cat1safety Ltd will hold an initial meeting with you on which will base our preliminary assessment document.  We will review this document with you to fine-tune our proposed solution so it best addresses your needs.
You can contact cat1safety on:
Tel: 0208 223 1257

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