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Mar - 2015

Special announcement regarding LUCAS cards

Special Announcement London Underground is replacing LUCAS cards with Sentinel. Book your ICI-LU course with Traxsydes Training from the 17th March
• From 1 April 2015 London Underground will start accepting Sentinel cards (with ICI-LU training) from our supply chain
• No more LUCAS cards issued after 1 April 2015
• All suppliers must be registered with Sentinel by then
• Existing LUCAS cards will still be accepted until they expire


Mar - 2015

Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith (MP) visits Traxsydes Training

The Works and Pensions Minister the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith Congratulates Traxsydes Training Ltd on a job well done with Apprentices and getting people back into work.

The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith (MP) visited Traxsydes Training today to show support for getting people back into work in East London. Traxsydes Training Ltd have been working with the Job Centres on their back to work scheme and this has proved very successful with over 74% of people returning to work after attending the courses written and delivered by Traxsydes Training over the past 3 years.
Ian Duncan Smith said "the work Traxsydes Training Ltd does is very important for the borough of Walthamstow and Chigwell and shows how working in partnership with a private companies and the local community can be a great success". Iain also promised to support Traxsydes Training Ltd in any way possible.

Mary Roberts Director of Traxsydes Training Ltd said "this is a win/win situation, we support our community by getting people back to work and employers get staff that are already trained and have the competencies to work on the railway, with no cost to the employer."

If you would like to know more about this scheme please contact bookings on 0208 223 1257


Mar - 2015

We welcome the ICI-LU courses to our course selection!

Traxsydes Training is delighted to announce as from the 17th March we will be taking booking for the ICI-LUL Please note: LUCAS cards will be valid until expiry. From 1st April 2015, no more LUCAS cards will be issued, and anyone who still needs access to London underground will need a Sentinel card with the ICI-LU competence.

We understand the needs of our clients and to support this Traxsydes Training will be running these courses 24 hours a day. We are solely concerned in your staff’s training and as one of the few companies accredited not involved in contracts for work we are totally supportive to our clients. You can book online and receive your Joining Instructions immediately, with results sent to you the same day as the course finishes.

If you do not already have a login to our system please contact our booking line on 0208 223 1257 or you can register online our rates are highly competitive and the support you receive is second to none.


Feb - 2015

ICI Training Course

Traxsydes Training Ltd is now delivering the new ICI A new Sentinel competence is been introduced called Industry Common Induction (ICI). It provides staff with a health and safety induction for working on construction sites, at railway depots and those persons undertaking station maintenance. It covers the safety procedures and risks that are common across the rail industry, and ensures that all workers have a consistent basic knowledge of safety, regardless of their role and the type of site they work at


Apr - 2013

Traxsydes Competency Solutions

As we move into a more competence based training and assessments era in the rail industry your company needs to be aware of what will be required.

Competence: is the ability to do a good job. Competence is fully satisfactory performance. The organization defines what is meant by fully satisfactory performance. For example, for most jobs it means being able to perform job tasks independently to the required level of quality, quantity, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, safety or outcomes.
For some positions, the organisation may define fully satisfactory performance at lower or higher levels. For example, it may be acceptable for a new employee undergoing training to perform some tasks at a lower level and guided by a supervisor or trainer. Organisations may designate higher performance standards for certain employees. For example, a team leader may be expected to perform job tasks independently and also trouble shoot unusual situations.
To define competence in your organisation we can:
• Develop competency maps for jobs in the organization. Competency maps define the required general areas of competence and the specific skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviours of a job.
• Set the performance standards required by the organisation.
How can we support you, we are respectful of diverse organizational cultures and will produce deliverables in line with your expectations. We will train your employees to do the training development work in the future and will even leverage your existing training material to protect your previous investments in training programs.

Our Approach
The core pieces of TRAXSYDES five-step methodology are our competency-based framework and the six adult learning principles

The Traxsydes Competency approach starts by identifying your company's objectives and the critical skills that you want your employees to develop. We then create customised training programs that are tailored to suit the needs of your organization. We will also build on your existing training material to protect your organization's previous investments. To ensure that the training programs are effective and are creating a positive return-on-investment, we conduct training evaluation using the Kirkpatrick Method. We guarantee that you will see great results from our training approach.
We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and open, respectful communication with clients and project stakeholders. We often use technology to facilitate our interaction will project stakeholders.
To truly understand your organization’s training needs and budget, Traxsydes Ltd will hold an initial meeting with you on which will base our preliminary assessment document. We will review this document with you to fine-tune our proposed solution so it best addresses your needs.


Dec - 2010

Contingent Labour Supply

Traxsydes Contingent Labour Supply was formed to provide skilled labour to the Railway and Construction organisations within the Rail Industry. With our state of the art Computerised Management Safety System that was commended as good practise at our latest Link-up audit. We take all the usual stresses such as staff competencies and certification away from you leaving you free to work on what is really important to you company.

Our promise is to only supply you with competent certificated staff. Traxsydes already has a reputation for delivering quality work on time and to budget and with our One Stop Shop organisational structure we are well positioned to meet the challenges of 2011. Maintenance incorporating Labour Supply, Rail Renewals, Technical Services, Rimini Planning, Day to Day and Major Maintenance works, Developing Client Works Packages and Rail Project Renewals. If you have never used Traxsydes before now is an excellent time.


Sep - 2010

City & Guilds Accreditation

Traxsydes are now an accredited City & Guilds Centre for Level 1,2,and 3 Railway Engineering, Learning and Development.


Apr - 2010

Happy Easter

The Traxsydes team would like to wish all our clients a happy Easter.


Apr - 2010

Traxsydes Competency Management System Goes Live

Traxsydes have spent the better part of a year developing a Safety Management System to assist companies in managing competencies, protection bookings, traction section information and staff bookings.
We believe that we have covered most areas relevant to our companies and have also included a few other applications for your use, as well as other applications currently being tested.
At present the system includes: Storing certificates or other details and allows you to set staff expiry notifications.

Displays automated traction maps with all switching times and engineering notices removing the need to constantly check various publications.
Traction assistant to locate and display station and section details as well as platforms and directions.
Protection Master Bookings.
Protection Masters booking on systems.
Job bookings to instruct staff and personnel on job specifics on a daily basis.
Text message alerts to all staff.
Maps of locations of work and meeting points.

This system is updated in real time, available 24 hours a day and companies can directly manage their own staff and login details as required.
We will look to add additional applications in the near future to provide a more dynamic product for our clients

Please contact Michael on for pricing, queries or if you would like to view the system.


Dec - 2009

Happy Holidays!

Traxsydes would like to wish all its customers a happy and prosperous holiday!

From the Traxsydes Team


Apr - 2009


Traxsydes have been accredited as an internet based testing facility by Prometric. All testing begins with immediate effect. Please contact the office for further information.


Oct - 2008

Track Course Update

Traxsydes is now licensed to deliver Depot Track Competent and Track Competent with immediate effect. Please contact the office for further information.


Jun - 2008

Track Course Update

Traxsydes is now licensed to deliver Track and Depot Track Accustomed. Please contact the office for further details.


Feb - 2008

Network Rail

We have now been accredited to deliver Network Rail training with immediate effect.
Courses include:
Personal Track Safety
Personal Track Safety - Recert
Lookout - Recert
Individual Working Alone
Individual Working Alone - Recert
Controller Of Site Safety
Controller Of Site Safety - Recert

Please contact our office for further details.


Oct - 2007

Track Courses

Traxsydes is now licensed to deliver Site Person In Charge with immediate effect. Please contact the office for further details.


Oct - 2007

Safety Induction Update

As of october 1st persons with EPF cards are requested to exchange them for the newly updated card following a recent security issue.


May - 2007

Online Upgrades

We have now launced our new online accounts system which can be accessed by companies 24 hours a day.


Jan - 2007

Traxsydes Go Live

Today Traxsydes has launched the online bookings system. This will enable companies to book online and carry out any administrative functions 24 hours a day.


Aug - 2006

The Beginning

Traxsydes Training is officially open!

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